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Should you work from home?

Working remotely is becoming a more common thing with each day that goes by. So the question “should I work from home” is also gaining in popularity. With the efficiency…

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We’re starting a podcast

Doing media well is no small task. That’s why we launched this “Christian Media Podcast” to help our fellow creatives. We will be discussing all the ways that Church media…

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what do Jews believe

What God Do Jews Worship?

What God do Jews worship? It’s a good question, and many Christians may wonder what the answer is. But before we talk about what God jews believe in, let’s define…

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4 Steps to Marketing Your Church

Are you wondering how to market a church? Every church wants to market itself. It wants to attract new members or congregants or whatever you like to call them. But…

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view of mountains and forest

How faith can move mountains

Faith is such a powerful thing. It’s not just belief, faith can actually change things in our lives. You may have heard the old saying “faith can move mountains” and…

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Is Everything That Happens God’s Will?

Is everything that happens God’s will? Many Christians believe that everything that happens to us in life is God’s will. Every time someone dies or something bad happens, that means…

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