Month: March 2014


I want Google and I want it Now

Google Now is quickly expanding. It started as a Siri/Notification center-like service on Android and can now be used on iPhone and Chrome on desktops. Once you get on Google…

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How to properly walk a dog

This article will explain to you how to walk your dog properly. If you follow these techniques, you won’t need a choke, prong, or e collar to get your pup…

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Russia Today Reporter Quits Live

An RT reporter resigned from the news station during a live tv segment. Here’s the video: The other anchor she was talking about who criticised Russia’s actions in Ukraine can…

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Food & drink

Ben, Jerry, I love you guys.

Since the first time I tried Ben & Jerry’s famous ice cream, they’ve been my favorite. Their great tasting Vermont ice cream destroys all of their competitors, at least in…

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