Month: October 2014


Goodbye Mars Hill Church

The popular (but controversial) multi-site church, Mars Hill, is dissolving. Following the recent resignation of founding pastor Mark Driscoll, Mars Hill has decided to call it quits. Announced in an  online…

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10 hours of walking in NYC as a Woman

Once you’re done watching the video above, watch FunnyOrDie’s video. Please. Just watch:   10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Man – watch more funny videos

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Marvel Studios Had a Big Day Today

If the folks at Marvel Studios love to do anything, it’s throw us (and by that we mean “the fans”, not just those of us who write on the Internet)…

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The best Kickstarter campaigns of the year

Every year is full of some pretty awesome Kickstarter campaigns below we’ve collected our favorites from 2014. And they’re listed in no particular order. A belt for a lifetime Kendal…

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Ello promises no ads: “A Better Way”

In an email sent out to Ello member Thursday, the company makes clear it’s intention to never serve ads on Ello. It also says that Ello has converted to a Public…

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OS X Yosemite Review

For months now, I’ve been using Mac OS Yosemite. Through the Beta testing/developer previews, I have been able to use Yosemite for a long time. And overall, it’s a pretty…

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My Thoughts On Walking Dead Season 5

Season 4 of AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’ ended with Rick and company locked in a train cab in the not so safe sanctuary called Terminus. For several episodes before the…

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