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Snowden suggests staying away from Dropbox, Facebook, Google

In a remote interview, Snowden was asked how we can better secure our privacy. He answered the question by first saying that we need to reform our laws. Something that may never happen.

Snowden went on to say that the best way can protect our personal data is by not using popular online applications like Facebook, Dropbox, and Google. He mentioned that the problem with Dropbox is that it doesn’t encrypt your files while they’re on your computer. The ex-intelligence employee also called Facebook and Google “dangerous services” ironically, the remote interview where he said these things was a Google Hangout.

“We’re talking about encryption. We’re talking about dropping programs that are hostile to privacy. For example, Dropbox? Get rid of Dropbox, it doesn’t support encryption, it doesn’t protect your private files. And use competitors like SpiderOak, that do the same exact service but they protect the content of what you’re sharing.”

Here’s the full interview:


IMAGE: YouTube/The New Yorker

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