Month: November 2014


Hackers Leak Playstation Network Customer Data

The hacker group DerpTrolling has released a massive cache of usernames and passwords for Windows Live, 2k Games, and Playstation Network users. According to CNET, the leaks totaled “2,131 PSN users; 1,473…

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The Web

A Guide to Building a Website

There is a lot that goes into building your own website. Before you get started, you should know that a website takes a considerable about of time to maintain and…

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Do smartphones pose a risk to real cameras?

Ever since “camera phones” were introduced, they’ve gotten better and better. Still, it wasn’t until the smartphone that taking pictures with your phone became a real alternative to point and…

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2014 Midterms Breakdown

Republicans took control of the Senate, kept control of the House Republicans won big tonight with almost sweeping Gubernatorial wins, they also won the Senate, which was expected to happen. In total, Republicans now…

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Was Jesus a real person?

Jesus Christ is perhaps one of the most well-known historical figures. However, some believe that Jesus was not a historical figure, but a mythical one. In this short article I…

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