Month: January 2015


Grace Is Not A License To Sin

Grace is not lasciviousness. Grace is not the license for sin. The more I think about this the clearer it gets. Some people fear grace because of Jude 4. “For there…

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The Best Unknown Christian Bands (revisited)

Since you guys seemed to like my previous post on the best lesser-known Christian bands, I decided to compile another list. Here’s my second list of the best unknown Christian bands….

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Third Time’s The Charm

Although he and his wife Ann have repeatedly stated that 2012 was the last time, Mitt Romney doesn’t seem so sure now. The former Governor of Massachusetts is considering a third…

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Why Are Planes Going Missing?

It’s 2015 now, but 2014 was the year of missing planes. And it seems odd that we are still unable to find a missing plane nowadays. With all of our…

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11 Ways To Take Better Pictures

Photography can be really fun. But if you’ve tried to take pictures and they don’t turn out right, it’s not fun. So here are some basic tips that should help…

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