The Apple Watch app store launched yesterday in preparation for the Apple Watch rollout today. The new app store includes over 24 games. That’s right, games that you can play on your watch. The game titles include things like: Runeblade, Watch Quest! Heroes of Time, Spy_Watch, and Trivia Crack.

I get the Apple Watch. It sort of makes sense for things like answering a phone call, checking the weather, or looking at emails. But beyond that, I don’t see why someone would rather use their watch over their phone.

Gaming is something I didn’t think of when I first heard about the Apple Watch. It just doesn’t make sense to me. Why–when your phone is within reach–would you play games on your watch rather than your phone? If you don’t already know, the Apple Watch requires your iPhone to be nearby in order to work. So your watch is effectively tethered to your phone via bluetooth.

The only application for games on an Apple Watch that I can think of would be the following. You’re super bored and super lazy. You want to play a game. You have an iPhone and an Apple Watch. The iPhone is all the way in your pocket and you’re scared that you might burn a calorie reaching for it, so you play a game on your watch instead.

I will never understand the idea behind gaming on a miniature screen, when you have a better, more equipped device right nearby. If you’re looking forward to playing games on your Apple Watch, let me know I’m wrong in the comments.


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