Month: May 2015


A Look At Slasher Vol 1: Summer Camp

With the release of certain games recently, many have seen the adaptability of the gaming industry, and how games can be used to adapt other kinds of art and culture….

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Recode Acquired By Vox Media

Recode has been acquired by Vox Media. The company behind ultra-popular websites including SB Nation, The Verge and Polygon, has acquired Recode’s parent company, Revere Digital. The news was announced through a blog post “We…

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Upcoming Bloodborne Expansion Confirmed

Just when you finally beat the game, From Software throws another curve-ball: a Bloodborne expansion is currently in development. That means it’s probably a good idea to get most, if…

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7 Sites That Will Pay You To Write

There are a lot of great websites that pay writers to do what they do best. Here are just a few of the many, many sites that pay their writers….

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Windows As A Service

It’s been reported that Windows 10 will be the last version of Windows. For those immediately concerned, perhaps you’re right to be. The idea of Windows as a service has…

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How You Can Help Nepal

Saturday’s 7.8-magnitude earthquake left Nepal with devastating losses. Over 5,000 people have been confirmed dead by Nepalese officials. Nepal’s Prime Minister said that the total number of deceased could amount…

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