• 1. The effects of the original trilogy were revolutionary at the time and frankly hold up better than the prequels do. The curse of digital effects is that they age considerably worse than practical effects. Also, I have trouble taking you seriously when you consider the light saber duels in ESB and ROTJ “pathetic”. Sure they were unrefined compared to the golden age of the Jedi, but at least they had grit and weren’t over choreographed dances like the saber fighting in episodes 2 and 3.

    2. I’ll concede that I like more breadth to my Star Wars as well, but I also felt like the “complexities” of the PT were not that well realized. In TPM the Jedi order had nothing to do, nobody gave an ever living fuck about trade embargos, etc. Since these are films designed for kids, what good does it do to have these superfluous elements. Seems quite like a betrayal of the gameplay for the core audience.

    3. The actors.… so you don’t think Mark Hammil and Carrie Fisher were better than Hayden Christianson and Sam Jackson? Also you didn’t even mention the award winning Alex Guiness. Are you kidding me?

    I’m beginning to think a 12 year old wrote this piece.

  • I keep telling myself that I will never understood the hatred toward Jar Jar. And I still don’t. How is it that so many people can hate a character that is basically clumsy? That’s his real crime. He’s clumsy. And for that . . . Jar Jar is hated. It must take a really disturbed mind to pour so much hatred upon a fictional character whose worst trait is that he is clumsy. Very disturbed.

    • His real crime is not simply that he’s clumsy. His crime is that his character is all around terrible. I don’t know if you’re alluding to me having a disturbed mind for hating Jar Jar, but I’ll address that too. Being able to realize a character is a stupid, misplaced one doesn’t make you disturbed. On the other hand, liking a character that is very clearly a terrible one may make you disturbed.

  • I’m sorry, but I don’t agree with you. Jar Jar is not one of my favorite characters. But I still believe that a good number of fans need to be seriously examined for the level of hatred they have expressed toward the character. Jar Jar has done nothing to generate such hatred. You don’t have to like the character, but hatred? For a character who is basically naïve and clumsy? That’s enough for someone to hate a character like that? If you want to hate . . . fine. But I still cannot help but wonder why you would do so for a character like Jar Jar.

  • Do you honestly believe that you can speak on behalf of all STAR WARS fans? I understand why Jar Jar is hated. But if I told you why, you wouldn’t believe me. And by the way, the first STAR WARS movie I ever saw was “A New Hope” . . . and that was back in 1977. However, I still love the Prequel movies. And I love the Original movies. I just don’t love “The Force Awakens”.

    • I speak for the vast majority of Star Wars fans when I say jar jar is a shit character. On other aspects of the film, I cannot speak for Star Wars fans, but jar jar is where most fans find common ground.

  • You speak? You speak for the “VAST MAJORITY OF STAR WARS” fans?

    Oh come on. You don’t know how many STAR WARS fans share your feelings anymore than I know how many share mine. Who are you kidding?

    If you feel that Jar Jar is a “shit” character, fine. But for me, Jar Jar does not strike me as the type of character worthy of such rabid hatred. And I cannot help but wonder why you would pour so much energy on hating a character that is basically clumsy and naive.

    • Obviously you don’t talk to other people. If you ask 99% of Star Wars fans whether or not they like jar jar, they’ll tell you no. So I suggest you talk to other human beings and you’ll find that I do speak for the majority.

    • LJones, would you be interested in writing a piece about Jar-Jar? Maybe something like “Why all the hatred for Jar-Jar is Misplaced” or something like that? I’m wanting to include different perspectives.

      Let me know if this interests you. Email me at chance@oatboat.com

  • I prefer the matte painting scenery and location shoots of the originals….too many scenes in the prequels looks so bad by today’s standards.

    Personally, I think the original effects hold up better 40-50 years later than most of the prequel effects a scent decade or two…less is more, and Lucas did a lot more with a lot less in the 70s and 80s…

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