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Month: December 2015

Xnox Live Gold vs. PS Plus - Oatboat

Gold Or Plus?

It's been a long battle, with Xbox One prices dropping in small increments over time since its release, PS4's sales being at an all-time high, and then...the in... Read More...
Star Wars Battlefront was a let down

Star Wars Battlefront Let Me Down. Big Time

I was a rabid supporter of the Battlefront reboot. I thought it was an incredible idea, especially since I freaking loved the original Battlefront games. My friends and I spent countless hours playing the original games. Another game I happen to b... Read More...

Tragedy and Opportunists: The Hidden Costs

We are all saddened by the mass shooting that took place in Paris. As important as it is to venerate those who were impacted, we must not allow it to become justification for bad policy. I’m already hearing criticism of Obama’s ISIS has been “contain... Read More...