Month: February 2016


Album Review: ‘Darling’ By Zerbin

I’m starting a new series of posts where I feature a really great album each week. The albums I’ll feature will not be exclusively brand new albums, but rather ones that I…

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Polls And Their Help In Development

Recently, Mark Darrah, the executive producer on Dragon Age, took to Twitter to create a poll. He asked players if they would ever consider playing “a Dragon Age Tactics game,”…

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Why Autonomous Vehicles Are Necessary

When the automobile originally came into production, there was a lot of pushback. “Who needs a car?” people questioned. “A horse can eat grass.” the luddites insisted. “Grass is everywhere….

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Losing Faith In The Bibliotheca Project

Update: 11/7/16 The project has been completed. You can watch Bibliotheca’s latest video update below. The books will ship “Fall 2016.” Bibliotheca: Finished from Bibliotheca on Vimeo. From the start,…

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The Left Is Losing

The liberals in America are losing. While the Trump election offered some evidence that the progressives were in trouble, the left’s response to Trump has confirmed it. Democrats in office have…

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