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The Best Lesser Known Christian Songs Of The Month: February

We promised to post a list of the best lesser known Christian songs each month, so we’re delivering on that promise. This month, we collected some of our favorite less popular Christian songs for you to enjoy. These songs are not necessarily new and there’s no guarantee you haven’t heard them before.

You Reach For Me – SisterBrother

This song is ridiculously good. I had to replay it a few times the first time I heard it. You definitely should take a listen.

Don’t fall too deeply in love with their music, though. SisterBrother is no longer a thing. In December, they announced their end.

“As SisterBrother, we will not be making another record or playing events. However, most of us will continue to pursue other musical outlets as well as still collaborate with each other.”

If you really love SisterBrother, you may want to petition them to keep making music. While your efforts might be feudal, if enough of us ask for their music, who knows; they could start making new music.

So, while it may suck that SisterBrother is no longer a thing, at least they released the songs that they did. Some other great songs by SisterBrother are Into the Light (Spotify link) and We Are Redeemed.

139 – Kings Kaleidoscope

If you’ve seen our other best lesser known Christian bands list, then you’re already familiar with this band. 139 is all around an incredible song. The lyrics are rich and encouraging, and the music couldn’t be more on point.

It’s hard to choose just one Kings Kaleidoscope song because they’re all so good. I’d recommend more songs if I could choose between them. Here’s a link to their Spotify page.

If you like Kings Kaleidoscope, you’ll probably like some of the other bands that make up the Gospel Song Union. Go check them out. You’re welcome.

Brother – The Brilliance

The Brilliance is a duo comprised of David Gungor and John Arndt. Yes, David Gungor is from the band Gungor. The band started in 2010 and they’ve been producing some really unique music.

My favorite song of theirs is Brother, which you can listen to below.

You can check out most (if not all) of The Brilliance’s songs here.

Instrument for You – The Vespers

I just have to warn you that this band is severely different from the others. Their music is bluegrass/folky, so if you don’t like that sort of stuff, get the heck out of here.

Also worth noting is that The Vespers don’t openly consider themselves a Christian band. But the song listed above is without doubt, a Christian song. Other songs of theirs also refer to different aspects of Christianity, so give them a try.

Still want more great Christian songs? Great! Check out our best lesser-known Christian bands post.

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