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Apple Is Losing Its Mind

Apple has–or is in the process of–losing its mind. People will argue when exactly Apple started heading in the wrong direction.

For some, perhaps the downhill part started with the Apple Watch. I’m sure some believe it started much earlier than that. But I’ve just recently come to believe Apple has lost its way.

apple iphone 7 no headphone jack
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The issues I have with Apple are all very recent. The first, and pretty obvious beef that I have with Apple is the lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack on the iPhone 7. I don’t care about the marginally thinner phone, I’d rather have a slightly thicker phone and keep my headphone jack, thank you.

I actually had the option recently to get an iPhone 7, but I opted for the 6s simply because of the lightning-only design. I actually really like the new black with matte finish, but not enough to carry around a headphone adapter, use wireless, or get new lightning-enabled headphones.

I realize this issue doesn’t affect everyone. Some people I’ve talked to have said “oh, I rarely use my headphones with my iPhone so I didn’t need it anyway” and that’s great, but I like to use headphones.

My second problem with Apple is the new Macbook Pro. Specifically, I’m not a fan of the new touchscreen keyboard display. It seems very un-apple and frankly, something I’d expect a company like HP to produce.

I don’t think the touch bars like the one on the MBP are useful in any real meaningful way, and I don’t think they look particularly good either.

If I’m being honest, the new Macbook Pro isn’t all that bad on its own. It’s just part of the problem with Apple (for me) so I included it.

Finally, the most annoying thing about the modern Apple is iOS 10. I’ll just focus on the messaging app in iOS 10 because that’s where I think the majority of the issues are.

Some of the new features in the messaging app are cool, or at least bearable. But I think overall, Apple came just short of ruining their messaging app by cramming it with features and making far too many options.

We don’t need to be able to put stickers on messages. I’ve used the sticker feature exactly zero times and plan to keep it that way.

There are other specifics I could go into, but I’m sure by now you get the idea. I feel as though Apple is losing not only its mind, but also its soul. And in short, we need Steve Jobs back.


[Featured image by Niels Epting / Flickr]


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