• I didn’t want Hillary as president, Michael Moore. The soft elitist in this country…including you, sir, wanted another four years of the bloated luxury you’ve grown accustomed to. Riding on the fabulously phony Clinton coat tails. I do hope all the shocked and stunned people who think no kid gets left behind and that everyone gets a trophy in life really looks at what this is about. People are tired you, and of all the Lenas and the Katys and the flag burners. Leave the country as you’ve all threatened to do. Please hurry. The rest of us want to rebuild. .

  • If would have been paying attention for the last 8 years you would know that the republican racist have no blocked anything that looked like it would help the middle class. There hate for President Obama has festered and Trump is the fruit produced. The Republicans resisted every effort the modify the ACHA to make it work better. The republicans have been the party of ” let’s stop Obama at all costs” from the very first day.
    Obama inherited the President Bush unfounded wars and collapsed enconomy and the 2008 market crash and the Republican tried to blame it on President Obama.

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