are faith healers genuine

There are a lot of Christians who claim to pray for people and see them healed. Are faith healers genuine though? That’s a question so many Christians have. Is it all just tricks? Or is the Holy Spirit still supernaturally healing people today?

I’m going to answer that question but first, let’s look at two of the pastors who have healing ministries.


Benny Hinn

Mr. Hinn claims to heal people constantly. He has these events called “Miracle Crusades” where he heals many people. He also acts as though he hears details about people miraculously, also known as prophecy.

But Benny Hinn is not all that he seems. NBC Dateline actually did a story on him years ago where they pretty thoroughly debunked him and his claims of miracles. They found that when Hinn would get a “supernatural prophetic word” on someone, an assistant was actually just reading off personal information in Benny’s earpiece.

It’s sad that a pastor would deceive and take advantage of people in this way. But I know he’s not the only one.


Todd White

Now, as far as I can tell, Todd White is the real deal. I’ve met Todd and talked with him, and attended many of his sermons. And I have come to believe that what he and the one who taught him–Dan Mohler–do is genuine.

I know “meeting and attending” is not a fool-proof way to know if someone’s genuine, but I’ve also seen healing. I’ve gone out with friends who practiced what Dan and Todd preach and prayed for people. I also took part in a documentary a big-name pastor (who is in Todd’s circle) was making where we went out on the streets and prayed for people.


So are faith healers genuine?

Yes! Some of them are genuinely convinced that the gift of healing is still readily available to us through the Holy Spirit. Others are scam artists; just looking to grow their church attendance or following. It’s a sad fact, but Jesus warned us that there’d be many deceivers and false teachers.

“Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.

– Matthew 7:15 NIV

So, like that verse warns, watch out. There are genuine faith healers out there. But it’s not something just one person or a few people are blessed with. Healing is available to any saved person who knows their authority in Christ. He gave us authority to heal the sick and cast out demons. Let’s start living like it.


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