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Surveillance State

Why Do People Value Privacy?

Privacy. It’s pretty important to a lot of people. I think especially Americans are repulsed by the thought of being watched when they don’t want to be. “the state or…

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Top Artist Of The Year: Oh Wonder 

We’re kicking off a new kind of post where we select one great band as artist of the year. The artist’s album (as evident in this case) doesn’t have to…

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Apple Is Losing Its Mind

Apple has–or is in the process of–losing its mind. People will argue when exactly Apple started heading in the wrong direction. For some, perhaps the downhill part started with the…

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We’ve Created Class Divides In Gaming

Upper, middle, and lower class. These are the terms with which we define society both in modern times and when we study history. We use them to describe people’s economic…

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2014 Midterms Breakdown

Republicans took control of the Senate, kept control of the House Republicans won big tonight with almost sweeping Gubernatorial wins, they also won the Senate, which was expected to happen. In total, Republicans now…

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