Getting the right internet service for the right user is not an easy task these days. As the market is overwhelmed with internet service providers, it is up to the user to find the one that’s suitable to them. Whenever you want to get the internet service in your area, don’t forget to run some checks before making the big decision. These checks will help you make sure you’re making the right choice.

Types of Internet Today:

Before going further, first, we will have a brief look at the types of the internet that you can get in your area.

  1. DSL:

Digital Subscriber Line; this technology uses the telephone line to provide the internet access. The customer can call while using the internet. The average speed through this network is from 1 Mbps to 7 Mbps.

  1. Cable Broadband:

This technology uses the cable line used for TV. It’s much faster than DSL. The average speed of this network varies from 10 Mbps to 300 Mbps theoretically; so users can avail less speed.

  1. Fiber Optic:

It is a modern technology which uses fiber optic for signal transmission. So the speed of the network is way faster than DSL and Cable. It is 20 times faster than DSL and Cable.

  1. Satellite:

This technology uses the satellites for signals provision. The speed of the network varies as this technology is severely affected by weather.

Check the Service Availability:

Customers should first check the status of the internet services in the area. They can check the service availability of all providers on Upon entering the ZIP Code, users will know which type of the internet service they can avail.

Factors for Right Decision:

After checking the service availability, visit all the providers’ sites. Check the internet packages in details according to the following parameters.

  1. Cost:

The primary factor that will affect your pockets is the cost of the service. Compare all the providers’ cost and see which one is cost-efficient.

  1. Speed:

You can enjoy the internet honestly only if you have a high-speed connection. So check the speed of the internet offered by the providers. The rate mentioned on the site is theoretically. So check in details the speed variations especially during the peak hours. Also, check the average upload and download speed of the network. Users can verify the providers’ claim by taking a speed test. Many companies offer free speed test before the subscription.

  1. Reliability:

Another significant factor is the service reliability. It means that you are getting the service without any disruption. During the speed test, carefully examine the connection and check the smooth running of the network.

Compare Bundled Packages:

Generally, internet providers offer all of the services in a single package. These bundled plans provide services with so many features that are usually not introduced in the individual service. Always compare all the packages in the context of the features and additional features.


What will be your response if you are getting a free Wi-Fi modem from the provider? Naturally, it would be great news to respond. So check the features that the provider is offering with the internet service.

Ad-On Features:

After checking the primary features of the service, further go deep to explore if the provider is giving any additional features with the service. Like Charter internet packagesprovide Free Online Security Suite to safeguard the devices from any malware attempt.

Customer Support:

An organization is known by how well it treats its stakeholders. So the customer support of the provider is a judgmental factor. Existing customers give a genuine insight into the providers’ support level. You can also check the customer support by visiting the store or contacting the customer support of the provider in person.

Contract Details:

The contract that you sign in with the provider reveals many secrets that the providers usually do not announce in the promotion like the annual increase in the package pricing and the contract termination fee. Before signing, read the contract details carefully. If any term is found ambiguous, asks the provider to clarify it.

Customer Review:

Customers are a pretty fair analyzer. So always make sure to check the consumer reviews before making a decision. They will reveal all the pros and cons of the service and overall performance.

If you aren’t sure which provider to go with, reading consumer reviews can really help you make a decision.


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