I used to play mobile games a lot. Some of my favorites were Slither.io, Stack, Badlands, and Icy Ropes to name a few. I noticed that they never really seemed to help me get things done, but rather, kept me from focusing. So eventually, I decided to cut out mobile gaming altogether.

Gaming is a huge industry. Think about online gambling; that niche of gaming was valued at 40 billion last year. Online gambling is a huge thing, and you’d think that they’d make the most profit because of all the money being exchanged, but that’s not so. Mobile gaming took the largest market share of all gaming at 50 billion. Gambling apps have noticed this trend and taken advantage of it.

It’s clear that a lot of people like to game And now we can do it anywhere, pretty much anytime. At work, people are gaming. Taking little breaks to relax and play a game. For some, this may be helpful. A quick break may help you escape from work for a moment, and come back more focused. This isn’t the case for me.

I’m not the only one that thinks mobile games may hurt productivity though. Forbes interviewed John Reed about this topic.

“With any potential distraction during working hours – be it games, social media or even just texting – there is the real need to exhibit self-control, but it also requires effective management.”

So it’s safe to assume that gaming is overall, a pretty hurtful thing for productivity. That’s what I concluded anyway. I did this a while ago, and it’s worth mentioning that I did this during my busiest semester at school, and when I had a pretty full workload at my job. Oh, and I was busy dating. I don’t know how much work most girls are, but mine took a lot of my focus.

I was finding that gaming took my focus away from whatever I was doing while I was playing, and kept me distracted. When I’d go back to whatever I was working on, I’d just think “I don’t want to do this, I’d rather play Tiny Wings or Stack”. And that’s obviously not healthy.

After I cut out mobile gaming, I was much more focused on things that really matter. I began to enjoy my work more and got more creative. My life without mobile games has only gotten better. If you game and have trouble focusing on real-life tasks, try taking a break.

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