There’s a common perception that it isn’t, but is Christian music any good? Well, I’m looking to answer that question. First, let me just get it out there that I think a lot of Christian music is bad.

Not to namedrop, but bands like Casting Crowns, Mercy Me, Jeremy Camp, and even Chris Tomlin give me the cringies. I’m not trying to be mean, but their music is not something I enjoy. And by “not something I enjoy” I mean borderline painful to my ears. But those bands that I just mentioned are some of the biggest in the Christian music industry.


Christian radio sucks. Without a doubt

This may hurt some people’s feelings, but Christian radio is in a bad place. I simple don’t listen to it. I’d rather listen to some NPR.

I live in Northwest Arkansas, and our (well-funded and well-known) Christian radio channel, 99.9 KLRC, prefers to play 15 year old songs. They have started to play newer songs, but still, they play songs that have been around forever.

And other radio stations, like Air1 for example, are not any better. I don’t know what process these stations use to select their music, but I’m never impressed. The music is typically old and overplayed. A new, good song does occasionally make its way to the radio though. An example of this is Reckless Love by Cory Asbury. That is a solid song. And it made its way to the radio (and got a ton of plays).


Christian music doesn’t suck

Overall, Christian music is far from being terrible. These days, there are so many great groups making wonderful, relatively unknown Christian music. Years ago I made a short list of these bands. The one’s that were really talented and sounded better than a lot (A LOT) of secular bands.

Kings Kaleidoscope is probably my favorite all around band. And they’re Christian. Another absolutely wonderful group is Loud Harp. Some of my other favs are: The Sing Team, Housfires, and Citizens & Saints just to name a few.


The Bottom line

So the truth is, Christian music is known for sucking. That’s why Kings Kaleidoscope–and I’m sure a lot of others–began making quality music. Nowadays, finding good Christian music just takes a little bit of digging in Spotify.

But I’m glad to say that thanks to bands like Kings, Christian music doesn’t suck anymore!



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