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This is not a knock on the Green Party, this is solely a rebuke of the idiot that is Jill Stein.

My main issue with Jill is her recount effort. She says that the recounts were not calculated to help the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. If that’s true, why did she push to initiate recounts in the states that Donald Trump narrowly won? New Hampshire was also a very close race but Mrs. Clinton won there. Why wouldn’t Jill also want to look at New Hampshire?

You know it’s bad when even the vice presidential candidate for the Green Party doesn’t think the recount effort was a good idea. Jills former running mate, Ajamu Baraka, told CNN that he wasn’t in favor of the recount. Baraka said that the recount wouldn’t be good PR for the Green Party, and he was right.

“It would be seen as carrying the water for the Democrats,”

That’s exactly what the recounts are. Stein has turned the Green Party into the annoying little minion of the Democratic party. Not exactly the image you should be shooting for when your party is supposed to be a completely independent, third-party option.

Another reason why this whole recount doesn’t make sense is the fact that Stein is the one who initiated them. To initiate a recount, don’t you think you should at least have a shot at winning? Stein is the fourth place finisher in presidential race with absolutely no chance at winning a state or even a county. So why should she be able to force a state to go through the troublesome task of a recount when there’s no chance of winning or any evidence of fraud?

Time low-key suggested that Jill is just trying to game the system and make a ton of cash. In that case, I guess she’s not an idiot. Rather just a crafty crooked politician; something the Green Party wouldn’t be interested in.

“She’s raising money for recounts that may not happen, in a race where she played spoiler, and she’s been vague about what will happen to any money left over from the fundraising drive.”

Something somewhat funny about this whole thing is that Trump has actually gained in Wisconsin thanks to the recount. Probably not the outcome Jill was hoping for.