hope where there was none
via YouTube / Loud Harp

It’s been out for over a month now, but Loud Harp’s latest album, ‘Hope Where There Was None’ is a masterpiece. The lyrics are as worshipful as you could ever hope, and the melodies are so wonderful. But seriously, if you’re a Christian lyricist, you should be taking notes from these guys.

The tones on Hope Where There Was None are something to envy if you’re a musician. Each song is masterfully put together and sounds incredible. If you’re wondering how they got their sound, the band gives us a brief rundown of the equipment they used here.

This album has meant a lot to me personally. Listening to Loud Harp’s music is therapeutic. Not to make my worship sound selfish, but Loud Harp’s music has always made me feel great. And their music has gotten me through some pretty rough times. This new album is just as healing as their older ones which is a blessing.

What’s great is that this new album sounds like Loud Harp. If you’ve enjoyed their previous albums, you’re going to love this one. It’s consistent with what you’d expect from them, but it definitely exceeded my expectations.

If you’re looking for new, powerful Christian songs to listen to,  check out this album. A few of my favorites are “Steady” “No Distance Anymore” and “I Will Rest”.

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