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Easy for me to say, right? Yeah, that’s what you’re probably thinking. I’ve already made my blog and I want to keep others from crowding my space. I used to be like you. I didn’t believe the people saying that starting a blog was a terrible idea. Now that I’ve experienced building and running several different blogs, I agree with those people I once thought I knew better than.

No seriously. Starting a new blog is probably going to be an awful waste of your time.

Most bloggers are going to quit after their first few posts, which isn’t a bad deal. That way you quit before you’ve invested a lot of your time and effort into it. Others will keep posting away. Their posts will likely be read by next to no one. It’s kind of sad when you think about it.

You’re not going to get rich, sorry bout it

It’s actually kind of humorous when you hear about new bloggers hoping to get money out of the deal. Obviously they have no idea how Adsense works, or how difficult it can be to score advertising deals with individual marketing companies. Not to mention the fact that you’ll have to already have a reader base to make money with either of those options.

Of course, establishing readership is the most challenging part. That’s because you’ll have to unique and creative to attract readers. The internet is so full of content, what makes yours special. You should really ask yourself that before you post anything. How can you be different from all the other crap on the internet.

It’ll cost you more than you make

I’m not sure when I exactly broke even with my running costs but it certainly wasn’t quickly. I ran this site for years without making a penny. Like I mentioned above, you need readers to make money and to get readers you need time, good content, and money.

To be sure, you don’t HAVE to spend money to blog. You can host some lame ass blog on some lame ass site like every other lame ass person. But if you’re serious about blogging you’ll need your own domain name and you’ll need to pay for hosting.

A waste of time

Most importantly blogging will probably end up being a huge waste of your time. Obviously there are some bloggers who didn’t waste their time. Every post they wrote helped them to become successful.

But for every successful blogger, there’s a thousand other bloggers who just wasted a lot of their time.

On the bright side

There is a very small chance that your blog will become successful. If you’re already popular on the internet through a social media account or whatever, then go ahead and start a blog.

If you’re just a normal person that wants to start writing, write at established sites first. Then if you attract a good audience with those articles, go for it and launch your own blog.

So in summary, it is not impossible to be a successful blogger but it’s not easy either. It takes a lot of time and effort and the payoff could very likely be nothing. If those odds sound enticing to you, go for it.