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Think Twice Before Voting Green in 2016

This election cycle, Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has ignited a political revolution that, despite his withdrawal from the Democratic primaries, has had a lasting influence. Many voters still supporting his progressive…

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Auditing the Fed: What It Really Means

The Republican Party’s new official platform returned to many traditional (and what many would call outdated) ideas and principles, like reaffirming traditional marriage and declaring pornography a national health crisis….

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Why Ted Cruz Might Be the GOP’s 2020 Nominee

In a convention that was filled with chaos and controversy, from Melania Trump’s alleged plagiarism of Michelle Obama to Chris Christie’s “indictment” of Hillary Clinton, one thing stood out in…

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The Left Is Losing

The liberals in America are losing. While the Trump election offered some evidence that the progressives were in trouble, the left’s response to Trump has confirmed it. Democrats in office have…

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