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Conservatives Love To Hate Eachother

The Republican party is an incredibly divided one. Few Republicans seem to agree on anything. And they certainly don’t get along with each other. Worst of all are the conservative commentators that…

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The Case For Legalizing Drugs

As the country begins legalizing marijuana state by state, it’s a good time to start talking about the possibility of legalizing other drugs. While most Americans may support the legalization…

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Third Time’s The Charm

Although he and his wife Ann have repeatedly stated that 2012 was the last time, Mitt Romney doesn’t seem so sure now. The former Governor of Massachusetts is considering a third…

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2014 Midterms Breakdown

Republicans took control of the Senate, kept control of the House Republicans won big tonight with almost sweeping Gubernatorial wins, they also won the Senate, which was expected to happen. In total, Republicans now…

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