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Well, last week we covered some news – that Microsoft engineers are currently working on a keyboard and mouse for Xbox One. Perhaps in an effort to one-up the Xbox, and compete with streaming, PS4 has officially announced their new keyboard and mouse. Then again, it could also just be Microsoft trying to stay competitive, after realizing what Sony was up to.

Whatever the motive, it’s been announced, and it’s been getting mixed feedback already. Let’s take a look:

The Tactical Assault Commander 4 is a wired keyboard and mouse set, and it’s compatible with both PS4 and PS3. It’s officially licensed by Sony, and features all the face buttons you’d expect to find, if you’ve been using a PlayStation controller long enough. There’s arrow keys rather than an analog stick, programmable buttons, and an LED backlight. Basically, it’s a keyboard and mouse set that replicates the feel of PC gaming, but…it’s on a console.

But what’s the hold-up, why are gamers skeptical? This model takes from the TAC3, which got some pretty poor reviews. Nearly a third are one star ratings, to be a little more specific.

Whatever will happen to Steam machines? That’s a whole other article, unfortunately. And that’s only assuming this picks up. So far, between this, the Xbox One leaked news, and even the licensed controllers Mad Catz is making for Street Fighter V, things seem to be heading in a pretty linear direction.

There’s a release date for Amazon UK, and one for Japan, but so far, no details on the U.S.

Keyboard and Mouse PS4 - Oatboat

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