Christians Use Social Media, But Should We?

a seemingly harmless thing may be hurting us

Should Christians use social media? The short answer to this is yes, but there’s more to the answer.  Everyone is using social media today, and so, we should examine how we’re using it, and how it’s affecting us.

Social media is a new and pretty incredible invention. We get to connect with so many people that we’d never have time to in normal life. Many Christians may wonder how healthy social media is though. And that’s what I hope to answer in this article.

As Christians, we’re not supposed to let things become idols in our lives. And the simplest way to categorize an idol would just be something that you think or spend more time on than God. Now, that’s probably a scary definition for most people. Because few of us actually spend enough time with God.

But you’re not alone. We should all be striving to think about and talk to God more. Social media can either hurt or help you in that. If you follow Christian accounts, for example, their posts may help you to remember to spend time with God. But if you’re just following your friends and meme accounts, they’ll probably just be a distraction.

Idolizing isn’t the only thing we have to consider when we talk about social media though. Another thing to consider is what social media does to us. For many people, social media is a cause of envy. We see snapshots from others’ lives that can make us jealous if we’re not careful.

It’d be a big unrealistic to ask Christians to ditch social media. And I think it’d be unnecessary. There’s a lot of good that comes with social media, so preaching against it as a whole would be a mistake.

If we guard our thoughts and say no to envious or judgmental thoughts, we should be good to go on social media.


Written by Chance M.

I love God. I love my Fiancé, and I love creating Christian media. My main passion is video creation, but I love writing and podcasting as well.


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