Apple iWatch: how successful will it be?

Apple is set to release their long awaited iWatch soon. With it’s eminent release, the question of how successful it will be has to be asked.

Really, I don’t see the iWatch becoming a popular device. People simply don’t like to wear technology yet. And I don’t think Apple can make everyone want to wear technology. Though if anyone could, it’d probably be Apple.

Other smart watches have been around for some time. Pebble is probably the biggest name out there right now, but some android watches are also stealing some spotlight. The Moto 360 is another well-known smart watch.

The fact is, if people had a desire to wear a smart watch, they would have bought Pebble and android wear in droves. That simply didn’t happen.

In the end, we’ll find out soon how successful Apple’s iWatch will be. Till then, we can only speculate.