Americans love coffee. Coffee has become a $30 billion / a year industry in this country.

Northwest Arkansas is growing in all sorts of ways, and coffee is definitely one of them. I like coffee a lot, and spend a lot of my time at coffee shops. So I decided to put together a little list of my favorite coffee shops in the area.

#1 Pour Jons

Pour Jons is located in Siloam Springs, AR. At 516 E Main Street. Not only do they do coffee really well, but they have bagels and other food that is fantastic.

#2 Kennedy Coffee Roasting Co.

Kennedy is an excellent place to hangout, have a business meeting, or study. Their coffee is delicious, and has really never disappointed me. Their food is great too.

#3 Onyx

I like Onyx more for their atmosphere than for their coffee. There have been quite a few drinks that I’ve had at Onyx that have left me disappointed. One item on their menu that never ever disappoints is the peanut butter truffle. But be warned, the peanut butter truffle is only available at the Springdale and Fayetteville locations, sorry Bentonville.


Glad you came and checked out our list! This was our first local post. We’re hoping to expand, but for now, Oatboat will be occasionally posting localized content from Northwest Arkansas.

What’s your favorite coffee shop?


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