There are a lot of under the radar Christian bands out there. A lot of artists have heavily Christian-inspired lyrics, or are outspoken Christians themselves. But a lot of people might not realize that some of these bands are indeed Christian.

That’s why I decided to make this list. This is definitely not a comprehensive list, but these are just some of my favorites.


a picture of NeedToBreathe in concert
photo cred: Nan Palmero / Flickr

These guys are not-so secret. Songs like Testify or Multiplied kind of give away their religious leanings. Or heck, some of their earlier titles “Washed by the water” or “Signature of the Divine (Yahweh)” should give you a pretty good idea of where they stand.

Listen to their latest single, “Bullets” which isn’t necessarily a Christian song, but it sounds really good. Check it out on iTunes by clicking this link:


This seems like a no-brainer. But some people out there might not have heard. U2 is pretty Christian.

There’s actually been some conflicting information on this lately. But it’s really not that hard to figure out the truth. As Jonathan Merritt of Religion News mentions, “there are 50 or more references to Bible verses in their songs.”

If you still don’t believe me, just watch this short documentary about Bono and Eugene Peterson, the creator of The Message Bible translation. In the film, Bono talks about how much he loves the translation. Of course, you don’t have to be a Christian to like the Bible, but this is pretty strong evidence.

Kings of Leon

photo cred: Raph_PH

If you didn’t know these guys were Christian, we don’t blame you. With songs like “Sex on Fire”, Christian is not exactly the first description that comes to mind.

But believe it or not, King’s of Leon are Christian. Well, that’s what everyone says anyway. Here’s a quote from their frontman Caleb Followill:

“I know I make biblical references, but the Bible has some great stories in it, whether or not you believe them, so I’ve always drawn from it. Everyone asks about our faith or religion, and I think we’re all sinners.”

So that kind of makes the answer kind of murky. They are definitely the most secret Christian band on this list is they are actually Christians.

Julien Baker

Julien Baker is another great “secretly Christian artists” but she’s not exactly quiet about it. She has a really specific sound, that is probably best described as alternative. But I really enjoy her music. You can read what Julien has to say about her faith and lifestyle here at Pitchfork.


Hopefully you found an artist or two on this list that you didn’t know were Christian. I hope you guys listen and enjoy their music. Let me know who I missed in this list!

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