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The liberals in America are losing. While the Trump election offered some evidence that the progressives were in trouble, the left’s response to Trump has confirmed it. Democrats in office have shown just how sore of losers they are, trying to delegitimize and disparage President Trump at every turn.

Every action President Trump has taken so far has been met with backlash. The most controversial thing he’s done so far has been his temporary travel restrictions on travelers from seven muslim-majority countries. Democrats are crying and whining calling the restriction unconstitutional, but that simply isn’t so. The left can’t accept the fact that Trump won and so they’re acting like defiant little children.

The response to Trump outside Washington has been even more disturbing. Take for example the recent protests that took place at UC Berkley. The protests were in response to a planned Milo Yiannopoulos event. Milo’s event had to be canceled because hundreds of protesters became violent. They smashed windows, set fires, and shot fireworks at police. All told, they’re said to have caused $100,000 in damage.

What happened to the left that embraced free speech? Free speech is supposed to be one of–perhaps the–most important value of the left, at least it used to be. Destruction of property is not free speech. Allowing a right-wing provocateur to speak on campus is free speech.

When’s the last time you’ve seen a group of college Republicans stage violent protests to keep a liberal speaker off their campus? Oh right, that never happens.

Protests take place at many of the universities Milo has visited, but never as violent as this most recent Berkley protest.

These are the death throes of the left.