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Meet the team

Chance M.

Editor & chief

I have a passion for Christian-based media. I'm into video production, blogging, and worship.

Jennifer Mendez

(former) Writer

Jennifer Mendez was the single-biggest help in getting Oatboat started. I really couldn't have done it without her.

Kevin Sullivan

(former) Writer

Kevin Sullivan was instrumental in getting Oatboat off the ground. He helped me big time in strategy and content-creation. A huge thank you to Kevin for all his help

Ben Allen


Ben has ventured through the vast lands of Hyrule, explored the secrets of the Mushroom Kingdom, defended the galaxy, and returned from the depths of hell. He also writes in his free time.

Jerry Mooney


Jerry Mooney teaches Language and Communications at a small, private college and is the author of History, Yoghurt and the Moon.


(Former) Contributor

College freshman, interested in computers and 17th-century literature. Video games are awesome and 3D-printing technology is even more awesome. Hope to one day be smart enough to figure out how a hologram works.