Top 10 Best Tech Blogs

The internet is so big. There are some awesome sites, and not so awesome ones. That’s why I made this list of the top 10 best tech blogs. Since I ran a tech blog, my main reading content was obviously going to be about technology. Here are my favorite websites:

Oatboat’s list of The Top 10 best tech blogs

1) The Verge

2) Mashable

3) ArsTechnica

4) Wired

5) TechCrunch

6) 9to5mac

7) ZDnet

8) GigaOM

9)The Next Web

10) VentureBeat

What do you think? Did I miss any great sites? You can add to the list in the comments section below!

Written by Chance M.

I love God. I love my Fiancé, and I love creating Christian media. My main passion is video creation, but I love writing and podcasting as well.

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