He’s a preacher with a radically simple message. “Destroy hell for a living” is what Todd says he does, and what he encourages every believer to do.

Much of Todd’s ministry is focused on evangelism and the tangible power of the Holy Spirit. Lifestyle Christianity is the name of Todd’s ministry and they put on these events called Power and Love conferences. Attendees of a Power and Love conference hear from Todd and other ministers such as Dan Mohler, Robbie Dawkins, and most recently, Kenneth Copeland. After worshipping and hearing some teaching, attendees then group together and venture out to pray and love on people out in the streets.

If you know of Todd White, there’s a good chance that it’s because you’ve seen him on TV or at one of the huge Christian gatherings that go on throughout the country.

The charges against him

From FalseTeachers.net, we get the following accusation.

“He emphasizes that WE are the light and that WE can make people Christians(essentially),”

I’m not entirely sure what the author of this article was getting at with this point. As believers in Christ, we are tasked with fulfilling the great commission; spreading the gospel and making disciples. So again, I don’t see how Todd could be docked for simply wanting to follow this mandate given to us by Jesus himself.

A lot of pastors today seem less than genuine. But I’ve never met a more real preacher in my life. Todd’s message and style seem to resonate. Among young evangelicals, Todd is pretty popular. He can be found at various Bethel events and other big Christian events.

He’s the real deal.

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