Will Loud Harp Ever Ship Their Kickstarter Rewards?

I have not had the best of luck with my Kickstarter backs. I backed the Bibliotheca project which took years longer than they originally estimated. That’s fine though, because a new kind of Bible isn’t really time sensitive. A new album, however, kind of is.

I backed Loud Harp’s Kickstarter for their third album, ‘Hope where there was none’ which was a fantastic album. The only problem is that I dropped like $70 to help them (and get some sweet merch) and still haven’t seen any of the merch.

While it’s a great album, I don’t know that I’ll still be very into it by the time the merch comes around. Because again, I think this sort of thing is  time sensitive.

The guys over at Loud Harp occasionally throw in a Kickstarter update, and claim the major snag is the vinyl. But what I don’t understand is how or why this delays the sending of all the other merchandise. The vinyl was just one part of the reward I selected, and to be honest, not that important to me. I don’t even own a record player.

I’m starting to have no hope, where there was some.


I have finally received my reward merch from Loud Harp. A full year from when the album was released.

Written by Chance M.

I love God. I love my Fiancé, and I love creating Christian media. My main passion is video creation, but I love writing and podcasting as well.


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