christianity and LGBTQ

This post is undoubtedly going to ruffle some feathers, but I’m tired of what I’m seeing. Christianity and LGBTQ people haven’t had the best relationship. And that’s a shame, there’s no reason for all the fighting and negativity.

Christianity and LGBTQ+

One place I like to visit online for my daily readings is Medium. If you go on there and search for the topic Christianity, you’re bound to see some weird stuff. One of the top results this morning when I looked was about churches and the LGBTQ+ community.

That post is not an anomaly. That topic is incredibly popular right now. Churches all around the country are being pressured to stop any negativity towards the LGBTQ+ lifestyle. That sentiment is a damaging one. Morals are what Christianity is based on, and we have instructions on appropriate lifestyles in our holy book. So asking us to promote a lifestyle that is contrary to the instruction we’ve received is just wrong.

I’m not saying that the church hasn’t done wrong. Obviously it has. And asking churches to be more accepting is fine, churches need to be more accepting of all kinds of people. But we’re going too far.

Acceptance is not the same thing as approval. 

We’re called to love everyone, and share the Good News to everyone. So churches certainly shouldn’t exclude anyone, but accepting someone and loving them is not the same thing as approving of their lifestyle.

We’re to the point where there are literally LGBTQ+ churches. Churches led by queer pastors. That shouldn’t need to happen. They should be loved on and built up just like any other church congregant would be. If they were, they wouldn’t have to

The whole issue is so much more complex than some of the more liberally minded Christians might believe. Churches are in a difficult spot. Disapproval can feel like rejection, but it shouldn’t in the church. And LGBTQ+ people and church leaders need to understand that.

There’s a way to handle this whole thing. It’s IN LOVE. We all need to work together in love, and calmly talk about all these topics that are at times divisive.

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