The Xbox One was unveiled awhile ago. It has quite a few new features that the old Xbox 360 doesn’t have. Is the One worth the money though? Let’s talk about some of the new features.

Xbox One Controller

The controller is pretty nicely redesigned. They added some new buttons and moved the Xbox logo button to the top of the controller.

No backwards compatibility

You will not be  able to play Xbox 360 games on One, including online game purchases.


Kinect is also redesigned and is rumored to be shipping along-side the Xbox One. The new Kinect will be able to recognize up to 6 people while the old one can only handle 2.


The Xbox One is rumored to have multi-tasking. If this is true, the Xbox One is the first console to offer real multi-tasking.


Not many use it, but Xbox One has Blu-ray.


To a lot of people, the Xbox One doesn’t have enough new features (or the right ones) to deserve their attention. I, for one, will not be buying an Xbox One right away.


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