iOS 7 was unveiled just a short while ago. Since then, the internet has exploded with opinion. Some say iOS 7 is the best thing they’ve ever seen, while others, don’t like it at all. Thankfully, some of us can try iOS 7 early by using the developers only, beta version. The beta version is meant for developers to be able to update their apps to work with the new iOS. It also gives developers a sense of how the new iOS is going to work.

“Some people are saying that iOS 7 is too complicated; I disagree.”

I’ve been using iOS 7 Beta for two days now. While there are some things that I think Apple could have done better, I think they definitely made iOS better. Like many things, iOS 7 may take awhile to get used to. Some people are saying that iOS 7 is too complicated; I disagree. It took me all of five minutes to get the hang of iOS 7. Besides cosmetically, iOS 7 really isn’t much different from iOS 6.

At techdoozie, we usually like change. Sure, change can be uncomfortable but a lot of the time, its better. With the newest version of iOS, there is a lot of change. I would go as far to say that there is more change in iOS 7 than any iOS upgrade before it. That doesn’t mean it sucks, it’s just differnt.

“This time, they delivered”

With such drastic change, there will always be criticism. When you mix drastic change with something as familiar as iOS, you upset a lot of users. We have to remember that we’ve been asking Apple for a new, different iOS for a long time. This time, they delivered.

In the end, there will always be people that hate things. Heck, there has always been iOS haters. At first, I was unsure of iOS 7. The design is radical and strange. After getting to know the new design, I like it.

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