With Kindles, Nooks, iPads, and the many Android tablets that offer digital book reading, one would think physical books would die. This may be true in the long run but, for now, real books are safe. Whenever I read a book, I want to hold the book, feel the pages, and turn the pages myself. The smell of the paper can also be nice sometimes.

I’ve read digital books before and plan to continue. I also plan to continue reading physical books. I’m just pointing out the simple truth that books are far from dead.

For a lot of people, the nostalgia of reading a physical book just isn’t there, or they prefer the convenience of a digital book. The fact is, books are still very much alive. However, books being relevant doesn’t mean that digital books aren’t, because they are.

If the world stopped using physical books, it would be a sad place. Sometimes, the old way is the good way. In my opinion, books are the best way to digest certain content.


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