Though the organic farming movement really began in the 1940s, recently it’s become the cool thing to do. Over the last decade especially, people have become more interested in organic foods and less accepting of processed ones. From organic lettuce, to coffee, we Americans are really starting to dig organic stuff. The idea behind organic foods is simple. Instead of using harmful chemicals, you don’t use them and in return have a better product.

Organic farming’s goal is to produce a great product without synthetic pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Organic food advocates claim that organic food tastes much better than non-organic. This claim is lacking evidence, but you can be the judge.

Before we started the practice of using chemicals to make our crops grow bigger, every kind of farming would be considered organic. Something about going back to the basics made a lot of people happy. But still, in 2014, we’re using chemicals not only to grow food, but to preserve them too. In this way, foods can be harvested and preserved for out of season consumption.

More and more people are beginning to wake up to the insanity of non-organic foods. Because of that, organic food sales are on a major incline. However, the annual growth is actually declining, according to the USDA.

So heres my question. Why not organic? It may be a bit more expensive than the alternative, but that will change when everyone stops buying the shit food.

photo credit: libraryman


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