Facebook launched a new app called Paper a few days ago. Since they released it, I’ve been trying to find a practical use for it. Unfortunately, I think Paper is very limited in it’s usefulness. To me, it displays your Facebook feed in a strange, unintelligent way. Paper just seems a little overcrowded; there’s too much going on. The navigation of Paper, to say the least, takes some getting used to.

The headlines section you can add to your Paper is pretty cool, but I still prefer other readers like Feedly or Digg. I like apps like Feedly because the information is presented simply. Simplistic apps are always my favorite.

Of course for some people, Paper might be the easiest way to absorb all the information; from their FB feed, to the latest news stories. The ones that are going to love Paper are the ones who want all their information in one app.

With all of that said, I think the future for Paper could be a great one. In the near future, Paper will most likely be updated and become a much better app. Facebook definitely chose a good name for their newest app. I look forward to the updates for Paper.


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