This article will explain to you how to walk your dog properly. If you follow these techniques, you won’t need a choke, prong, or e collar to get your pup to quit pulling.

When you decide you want to take your dog for a walk, don’t tell them! This will only throw them into an excited, out of control state. Calmly grab the leash and attach it to your dog.

Since my dog likes to slip her collar, I use a non-slip, non-choke collar known as a martingale. These work very well but shouldn’t be expected to eliminate or even minimize pulling. If your dog doesn’t slip collars, a simple leather or nylon collar should work fine.

Once you and your pooch are ready to go, calmly approach the door holding the leash loosely. If you notice your dog is overly excited or tries to get out of the door first, back the dog away from the door and repeat. If your dog still doesn’t settle down, wait awhile.

Keep your head up and focused on your path, not your dog. If you’re constantly looking at your dog during the walk, it will think you’re looking at it for direction. Walk like a leader. If your dog starts to drift from you or pulls, make a quick correction on the leash.

It’s also important to keep calm on walks. If you’re not centered, your dog probably won’t be either. And don’t forget to reward your companion for properly behaving by either telling them they’re doing well or giving them a treat…or both.

I just need to let you readers know that I am not a certified dog trainer or behaviorist. These tips I’ve written above are from my own personal experience with dogs. If you have a problem dog and normal dog training isn’t working, consult a professional.


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