For months now, I’ve been using Mac OS Yosemite. Through the Beta testing/developer previews, I have been able to use Yosemite for a long time. And overall, it’s a pretty okay update.

The main feature of Yosemite is better integration with iOS which Apple is calling Continuity. Other than that, the refreshed look is nice. The dock is one of the most notable design changes–second is the transparency everywhere.

With Yosemite, default apps like iTunes and Safari have been beautifully refreshed with great new looks and features. One of my favorite changes is Safari. My previous experience with Safari hasn’t been very good. It’s usually slow, sucks at video, and feels like an IE for Mac. Still with the latest Safari, video playback sucks but the other problems I’ve had with Safari aren’t there anymore.

Yosemite offers great new features for people who use iPhones and iPads. With the new Facetime app, you can answer and make calls straight from your desktop. This new feature is part of a bigger one called Continuity which you can read more about here.

Even though Yosemite is a big change in a lot of ways, it doesn’t take long to forget you’re using a new version of Mac OS X. Which is a good thing.


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