Although he and his wife Ann have repeatedly stated that 2012 was the last time, Mitt Romney doesn’t seem so sure now. The former Governor of Massachusetts is considering a third bid for the presidency in 2016. On many occasions, Romney has ruled out the possibility of another race but in a meeting with donors, Romney said he is now considering another run.

The question has to be asked, could the third time be the charm? The answer to that is yes. 60 million Americans already voted for him, a lot of people are familiar with him. Also, the Netflix documentary, Mitt, that chronicled the Romney 2012 campaign gave people an opportunity to see the “real” Mitt.

So the possibility of Romney getting elected could be good. He would, of course, have to run to be elected; and he hasn’t confirmed or denied a third bid for the White House. Romney, being a former party nominee that lost, doesn’t have history to look to in support of another run.

John Kerry, Gerald Ford and Al Gore all pondered the idea of running again after they lost, but ultimately decided against it. This very well could be what Mitt is doing; just because he’s considering a run, it doesn’t mean he’ll actually do it.

If Romney decides to run, he’ll most likely have an easier time in the primary than Jeb Bush. Jeb Bush supports Common Core. Enough said. Not only does America not want or need a president named Jeb, but many are repulsed by the idea of another Bush in the White House.

Update: Mitt Romney has decided not to pursue the White House this time around. You can read his explanation here.


image credit: PBS NewsHour


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