Growing vegetables is a pretty smart thing to do. And it can be a lot of fun, too. Here’s a super-simple guide to getting started with gardening.

1. Choose your space

This is pretty obvious; you’ll need to pick a space where you’ll be constructing your garden. The size of the space you’ll need will be dependent on the next step.


2. Decide what you’ll grow

You don’t want to grow too many vegetables. If you plant too many, some of the vegetables are bound to go to waste and it’s just more work. So just pick the vegetables you know you and and your family like and plant an appropriate amount.

Green Beans
3. Picking the right spot

For healthy plants, you’ll want to pick the right spot to plant. If your vegetables don’t get sufficient light, they won’t bear as much fruit. Most vegetables require around 6-8 hours of sunlight each day. Another important element of a good garden is good soil. Moist soil with lots of organic material, like compost makes the for healthy plants. 


Obviously, growing your own vegetables is a lot more complex than these three simple steps. It requires a lot of time and effort and more steps than the ones mentioned. This was just a dummies guide to gardening designed to get you started and/or interested in gardening.

If you’re serious about gardening, I suggest you read a book on it so you can get as much information on it as possible. Besides books and articles, working in someone else’s garden can also be a great learning experience.

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Garden (1st image) via Rae Allen

Flowers (3rd image) via Bradley Wells


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