There are a lot of great websites that pay writers to do what they do best. Here are just a few of the many, many sites that pay their writers.

1. Listverse

Listverse accepts lists that are at least 1,500 words in length. Yeah, that’s a pretty long article, but the payoff is pretty big too. If Listverse uses your article, you can expect a $100 payment in your Paypal account. And considering what other sites pay, that’s a pretty big paycheck. If you’re interested in submitting a link, check out their submission form.

2. Examiner

Examiner doesn’t list a whole lot of information about their writing opportunities. The pay rate is unspecified, and you’ll be working as an independent contractor if accepted by Examiner. You can apply to Examiner here.

3. eHow

If you like writing how-to style articles, you should consider writing at eHow. It’s a little tricky figuring out where to apply, but from what I can tell, you’ll need to apply at Demand Studios.

4. Cracked

If you’re a comedian, or just like writing funny articles, Cracked might be the place for you to write. If Cracked tells you how much they pay, I couldn’t find it. But I would guess that Cracked pays their writers pretty well since comedy writing takes quite a bit more thought than other forms. You can learn more about Cracked’s writers program here.

5. WhatCulture

This another list-centered website. The cool thing about WhatCulture is that they have a lot of different topics you can write about. The pay is supposedly pretty good with a pay-per-view model. You can apply to write for WhatCulture here.

6. Developer Tutorials

Developer Tutorials takes articles related to PHP, CSS, Photoshop, Javascript and other related topics. They require a minimum of 1000 words and the pay depends on the quality of your piece and the demand for the topic you’re writing about. You can apply to write for Developer Tutorials here.

7. Penny Hoarder

The Penny Hoarder is for people wanting to (not surprisingly) save and make money. If you have tips relating to saving or making money, you may want to write for the Penny Hoarder. You can learn more about the opportunity here.



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