The Icelandic band that won America’s heart over with their beautiful debut album is getting ready to release their sophomore album. As far as I know, the Of Monsters and Men has released four songs from their upcoming album. For me, four songs is more than enough to judge the entire album. If the first four songs are terrible, the entire album is probably terrible. If the they’re great, than the album is most likely great.

From what I’ve heard, Beneath The Skin is an energetic, fun album. At the same time, some of the songs are pretty deep and meaningful. The listener can tell how much effort the group put into the songs on the new album.

Their latest album really feels like it’s an extension of their first. And that is a really good thing because their first album was incredible. Beneath The Skin will be released on June 9 to the world, save Iceland. Iceland gets to enjoy the new album a day earlier than everyone else.

The two music videos released with the songs “Empires” and “Crystals” were different to say the least. In both videos, there is a single interpretive dancer. If you haven’t already, you should definitely watch the “Crystals” music video.

[Photo by Kennysun]


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