Everyone likes fast internet. And most people would agree that 2Gbps is insanely fast. If you live in Chattanooga, Tennessee then you’ll be happy to hear that Comcast is bringing 2Gbps fiber internet to you. Unfortunately, that insanely fast internet will come with an insanely high bill.

You may stop being happy about Comcast brining 2Gbps once you hear what the price would be. So we apologize for the next part of this article which may be pretty disappointing. The new service will cost customers just five cents shy of $300 a month. And, the installation could cost up to $1000.

Still, you may say that the service is incredibly fast, so Comcast can get away with its pricing. Well let’s look at what some other companies charge for similar services. AT&T and Google charge around $70 a month for their 1Gbps services. As BGR notes, in some markets the prices can reach $149 a month. That is still a super-fast speed for much less money.

At $300/month, probably the only people who will pay for Comcast’s service are really wealthy nerds, and businesses who have a lot of extra money to spend on non-essential things.

Even though Comcast’s price is ridiculous, we still think it’s amazing that 2Gbps is even possible. Just imagine what will be possible in the coming years. Soon, the crazy fast internet will be available outside of the select cities across the country that it currently is available in.

What do you think? Would you or someone you know ever pay $300/month for internet? Let us know in the comments.


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