We cannot have hard hearts when it comes to God. He doesn’t play that way. We have to be humble and open to change in our pursuit of Him.

If we are unwilling to change our: hearts, attitude, our speech…we’re not going to do very well. In life in general, but also in our walk with God.

A perfect example of this is Saul. He was persecuting and hating Christ followers. It’s safe to say he had a hard heart toward Christ, toward Christians. But Jesus appeared to him and told him to get up and go into the city. Saul, who had just been temporarily blinded, obeyed.

He didn’t have to change his heart. Jesus didn’t make him. I know my first reaction to being blinded would be anger. But Saul got up, and went into Damascus like Jesus asked him to do.

Another great example of change was when Peter walked on the water. Jesus called to him, and instead of freaking out and letting his common sense hold him back, Peter got out on the water. He walked toward Jesus, and things were working, because in that moment, Peter was obeying, he had changed his mind and heart to fit Gods plan.

We all know what happens next in Peter’s story though. He begins to fear and doubt all the amazing ness of what is happening. He no longer rested in God, but rather panicked. And that’s why he fell in.

God wants us to trust him. He doesn’t want us to hold onto our old ideas, ways of doing things, hearts, etc. Those things get in the way. We need to be willing to change.


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