Remember a time when no one took virtual reality (VR) seriously? Well, those days are over. There are quite a few developers working on VR games, and while it apparently isn’t true, Half-Life 3 was rumored to be in development as a VR game.

What is true is that Crysis and FarCry developers – Crytek – are currently working on one: The Climb to the Oculus Rift. Players will turn into free climbers, exploring a fictional location reminiscent of southeast Asia.

We recommend using the Oculus Touch controllers for the game, since you’ll naturally want to reach out and grab onto objects. The gamepad seems to be a little less of a smooth transition. Just be prepared for a pretty realistic game, with players having to chalk their hands to prevent falling to their death (camera fades to black, no worries).

The game will have a high replay value, since there’s many ways to climb a cliff. Players will be able to learn which line is the fastest, all while learning how to manage chalk levels and such.

But the question still stands: despite Crytek’s and other developer’s attempts at making players more inclined to play VR games, just how well will it work? After all, it’s all about the players. If the market doesn’t really present itself for it, developers will stop investing time, creativity, and other resources on VR games.

Do you see yourself playing a VR game anytime soon? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I would try all kinds of games 😉

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