Celebrating Fallout 4 With Montages & Funny Moments

Yes, it’s time for more Fallout 4 talk. We know it’s hard to stop playing, but for those times we’re burnt out, we need…other methods of still playing, or watching it, right?

That’s where montages and funny moments come in.

Everyone loves a good montage, even burly, manly men. Having a good montage can make all the difference in a story, liven things up, maybe put elements into perspective, etc.

Or just give you a good laugh, amirite? Even when the montages are just quirky, it’s not difficult to find hilarious videos to pick up the slack. Even if some are annoying as all Deathclaws, they’re still entertaining to watch. Like a train wreck you can’t help but watch.

To celebrate the release of Fallout 4, which received rave reviews, we collected some montages and funny moments from all across the web. Some are painfully obnoxious, while others are actually quite useful. There’s something for everyone! Check them out below:

There you go! Hopefully there’s some interesting info, some catchy music, or some funny (and annoying) jokes in there for you. Enjoy Fallout 4, especially since the pressure is on to beat it and play Star Wars: Battlefront now…

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